Avram, G., Ras, E., & Weibelzahl, S. (2004). Using weblogs for eliciting new experiences and creating learning elements for experienced-based information systems. In Proceedings of Fourth International Conference on Knowledge Management, I-KNOW'04, Graz, Austria.

Experience-based Information Systems (EbIS) become more and more sophisticated from a technical point of view. However, there are several shortcomings that seem to limit the input and usage of these systems. The problems identified in this paper are related to knowledge acquisition, to learning issues, as well as to the users' motivation and trust. We introduce an approach to both enhance the content of the experience base (EB) and to improve learning from experiences at the same time: weblogs maintained during daily work can serve as input for experience bases and learning element bases (LEB). Retrieved experiences are then enriched with additional learning elements in micro-didactical learning arrangements. An empirical study explores the suitability of using weblogs for such an approach.

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