Cawley, O., Weibelzahl, S., Richardson, I., & Delaney, Y. (2014). Incorporating a Self-Directed Learning Pedagogy in the Computing Classroom: Problem-Based Learning as a Means to Improving Software Engineering Learning Outcomes. In: Yu, L. (Ed.), Overcoming Challenges in Software Engineering Education: Delivering Non-Technical Knowledge and Skills (pp. 348-371). Hershey: IGI.

DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-5800-4.ch018

With a focus on addressing the perceived skills gap in Software Engineering (SE) graduates, some educators have looked to employing alternative teaching and learning strategies in the classroom. One such pedagogy is Problem-Based Learning (PBL), an approach the authors have incorporated into the SE curriculum in two separate third-level institutions in Ireland, namely the University of Limerick (UL) and the National College of Ireland (NCI). PBL is an approach to teaching and learning which is quite different to the more typical “lecture” style found in most 3rd level institutions. PBL allows lecturers to meet educational and industry-specific objectives; however, while it has been used widely in Medical and Business schools, its use has not been so widespread with computing educators. PBL is not without its difficulties given that it requires significant changes in the role of the lecturer and the active participation of the students. Here, the authors present the approach taken to implement PBL into their respective programs. They present the pitfalls and obstacles that needed to be addressed, the levels of success that have been achieved so far, and briefly discuss some of the important aspects that Software Engineering lecturers should consider.

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