Lahart, O., & Weibelzahl, S. (2004). Music Matters-an ITS for violin students. World Conference on E-Learning in Corp., Govt., Health., & Higher Ed., Vol. 2004, Issue 1 (pp. 1662-1666). Chesapeake, VA: AACE.

The application of Artificial Intelligence in Music Education is quite challenging due to the subjective nature of music. Music Matters is an Intelligent Tutoring System that provides an individualised learning environment for beginning violin students practicing at home. The system will monitor the student, infer a student model and deliver feedback on the basis of explicit teaching strategies. Music Matters provides guidance for the student when practicing by identifying melodic and rhythmic inaccuracies, providing feedback on posture and movement and presenting additional exercises where appropriate. The system contains a range of multimedia input and output devices as well as an intelligent tutoring module that reasons about and adapts to the player. The pedagogical framework that informs the system is the Suzuki method. Music Matters tries to overcome the complexities associated with learning the violin by identifying mistakes before they become ingrained in the playing.

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