Lippitsch, S., Weibelzahl, S., & Weber, G. (2002). Improving structural salience by content adaptation with summaries. In N. Henze, G. Kókai, O. Schröder, & J. Zeidler (Eds.), Personalization for the Mobile World. Proceedings of the German Workshop on Adaptivity and User Modeling in Interactive Systems, ABIS02 (pp. 35-38). Hannover.

Users have a better chance to comprehend a text the better its coherence and structural salience is. Presentation adaptation will be used to attain more support for link structure comprehension. We plan to examine the effectivity and efficiency of the user s domain knowledge acquisiton. Therefore, assessment of both, internal (percent correct answers at tests) and external data (external tests, user satisfaction and goal attainment) is considered.

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