Möbs, S., & Weibelzahl, S. (2006). Towards a good mix in Blended Learning for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises – Outline of a Delphi Study. In E. Tomadaki and P. Scott (Eds.), Innovative Approaches for Learning and Knowledge Sharing, EC-TEL 2006 Workshops Proceedings, 1-4 October 2006, Crete, Greece, ISSN 1613-0073 (pp. 10-17). Milton Keynes: Open University.

The mix that is suitable to target the specific learning needs and is likely to be accepted by SMEs has yet to be clarified. Recommendations for a good mix of blended learning in SMEs will be developed using a Delphi study design, implemented as a so-called e-Delphi. The sample will be SMEs from Germany and Ireland, international providers of e-learning, blended learning and lifelong learning as well as researchers in these fields. Recent experience with contacting selected participants for the Delphi study did show big differences for Germany and Ireland. First conclusions can be expected after the first round of the Delphi study has been analyzed in October 2006.

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