Moldovan, A.-N., Ghergulescu, I., Weibelzahl, S., & Hava Muntean, C. (2013). User-centered EEG-based Multimedia Quality Assessment. Proceedings of IEEE International Symposium on Broadband Multimedia Systems and Broadcasting, June 4-7, 2013, London.

Multimedia users are becoming increasingly quality-aware as the technological advances make ubiquitous the creation and delivery of high-definition multimedia content. While much research work has been conducted on multimedia quality assessment, most of the existing solutions come with their own limitations, with particular solutions being more suitable to assess particular aspects related to user's Quality of Experience (QoE). In this context, there is an increasing need for innovative solutions to assess user's QoE with multimedia services. This paper proposes the QoE-EEG-Analyser that provides a solution to automatically assess and quantify the impact of various factors contributing to user's QoE with multimedia services. The proposed approach makes use of participants' frustration level measured with a consumer-grade EEG system, the Emotiv EPOC. The main advantage of QoE-EEG-Analyser is that it enables continuous assessment of various QoE factors over the entire testing duration, in a non-invasive way, without requiring the user to provide input about his perceived visual quality. Preliminary subjective results have shown that frustration can indicate user's perceived QoE.

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