Moldovan, A.-N., Weibelzahl, S. & Hava Muntean, C. (2014). Energy-Aware Mobile Learning: Opportunities and Challenges. IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials, 16(1), 234 - 265.

DOI: 10.1109/SURV.2013.071913.00194

As mobile devices are becoming more powerful and affordable they are increasingly used for mobile learning (mlearning) activities. By enabling learners' access to educational content anywhere and anytime, mobile learning has both the potential to provide consecrated online learners with new opportunities, as well as to reach other less privileged categories of learners that lack access to traditional e-learning services. Among the many challenges with mobile learning, the battery-powered nature of mobile devices and in particular their limited battery life, stands out as one issue that can significantly limit learners' access to educational content while on the move. Adaptation and personalisation solutions have widely been considered for overcoming the differences between learners and between their mobile devices characteristics. However, while various energy saving solutions have been proposed in order to provide mobile users with extended device usage time, the areas of adaptive mobile learning and energy conservation in wireless communications failed to meet under the same umbrella. This paper bridges the two areas by presenting an overview of adaptive mlearning systems as well as how these can be extended to make them energy-aware. Furthermore, the paper surveys various approaches for energy measurement, modelling and adaptation, three major aspects that have to be considered in order to deploy energy-aware mobile learning systems. Discussions on the applicability and limitations of these approaches for mobile learning are also provided.

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