Ras, E., Memmel, M., & Weibelzahl, S. (2005). Integration of e-Learning and Knowledge Management – Barriers, Solutions and Future Issues. In K.-D. Althoff, A. Dengel, R. Bergmann, M. Nick, & T. Roth-Berghofer (Eds.), 3rd Conference Professional Knowledge Management - Experiences and Visions, Lecture Notes in Computer Science LNCS 3782 (© Springer Verlag) (pp. 155-164). Berlin: Springer.

DOI: 10.1007/11590019_19

The findings of the Workshop on Learner-oriented Knowledge Management and KM-oriented e-Learning (LOKMOL 2005) are summarized in this paper. The results are derived from the presented papers as well as from the moderated discussion during the workshop. First, the main barriers that have to be passed in order to integrate KM and e-Learning are discussed. Secondly, the approaches and technologies of the LOKMOL contributions are summarized and thirdly we provide issues that should be addressed in the future in order to successfully integrate KM and e-Learning.

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