Weibelzahl, S., Lippitsch, S., & Weber, G. (2002). Supporting the authoring of Adaptive Hypermedia with structural information? In Henze, N., Kókai, G., Schröder, O., and Zeidler, J. (Eds.), Personalization for the Mobile World. Proceedings of the German Workshop on Adaptivity and User Modeling in Interactive Systems, ABIS02 (pp. 99-105), Hannover.

Authoring adaptive hypermedia requires skills that go beyond pure text editing, because relations between concepts have to be specified among other knowledge engineering activities. A recent approach to support authors is to compute several structural measures of the domain model to estimate its adaptivity degree. However, our empirical results of eight different courses and more than 1300 users suggest that subjective adaptivity success and structural adaptivity degree are not related. We argue, that the adaptivity degree is an inherent property of the content and does not imply adaptation quality.

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