Weibelzahl, S., Herder, E., Rokicki, M., Heckmann, D., Müssig, K. & Schildt, J., (2015). Personalized Advice and Feedback for Diabetes Patients. In: Weisbecker, A., Burmester, M. & Schmidt, A. (Eds.), Mensch und Computer 2015 – Workshopband. Berlin: De Gruyter Oldenbourg. (pp. 305-312).

Diabetes is a widely spread, major epidemic. Proper treatment minimizes the risk of secondary diseases, but particularly elderly patients and those who have just been diagnosed experience difficulties in doing so. The GlycoRec system aims to support patients in making decisions that are related to the treatment by modeling their behavior and their physiology. In this paper, we describe the aims and first steps towards the development of GlycoRec and provide preliminary results on our analysis of variations in recipes, which will be used for providing personalized nutritional advice.

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