Weibelzahl, S., & Lauer, C. U. (2001). Framework for the evaluation of adaptive CBR-systems. In I. Vollrath, S. Schmitt & U. Reimer (Eds.), Experience Management as Reuse of Knowledge. Proceedings of the 9th German Workshop on Case Based Reasoning, GWCBR2001 (pp. 254-263). Baden-Baden, Germany.

Adaptivity is a way of increasing the usability of interactive software. Several systems use CBR as a basic inference mechanism to model the user and to reason about adaptive actions. However, empirical evaluations of adaptive systems are rare. This paper introduces an evaluation framework of six necessary steps for adaptive CBR-systems. The framework is applied to a case-based product recommendation system. Finally, possible experimental designs are presented. Evaluation criteria, both generally applicable as well as criteria that are specific to e-commerce applications, are discussed.

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