Weibelzahl, S., Jedlitschka, A., & Ayari, B. (2006). Eliciting Requirements for an Adaptive Decision Support System through Structured User Interviews. In: S. Weibelzahl, A. Paramythis, and J. Masthoff (Eds.), Proceedings of the Fifth Workshop on User-Centred Design and Evaluation of Adaptive Systems, held in conjunction with the 4th International Conference on Adaptive Hypermedia & Adaptive Web-based Systems (AH'06), Dublin, Ireland, June 20th, 2006. In: S. Weibelzahl, and A. Cristea (Eds.), AH'06 Workshop Proceedings, pp. 470-478. Dublin, National College of Ireland, ISSN 1649-8623.

Eliciting user requirements at an early stage of software development can safe development time and effort. However, identify requirements for adaptivity, such as inter-individual differences in needs or preferences is not trivial. In this paper we revisit results reported in a previous paper from a methodological point of view. Using an example, we argue that scenarios in combination with structured interviews are not able to adequately identify adaptivity requirements due to reasons inherent to the method, such as the users' trust and their ability to anticipate system funtionality. We suggest that more implicit methods must be used at early development phases to obtain unbiased results.

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